We develop effective, long term business relationships with our business partners and associates who share our vision, and contribute to the growth and success of our company. It is critical to our reputation that they share in our values, in our ethical beliefs and bring in synergy to our business. Our partners are equally committed responsible corporate citizens, dedicated to the creation of value for the communities where we exist .

We have formed strategic partnerships with the following industry experts to assist our clients with the world class services they deserve:


Joint Venture with Saur International, France

Saur - Zamil O&M Joint Venture manages the operation and maintenance of facilities such as water production from well fields; water transmission and distribution to customers; wastewater collection, treatment and disposal of by-products; asset management and capital programming and customer services.
Saur - Zamil O&M Joint Venture is the current contractor for performance based management contract relating to the provision of water and wastewater management services in the Holy City of Makkah and City of Taif.


Joint Venture with LIN SCAN, UAE

Lin Scan - Zamil O&M Joint Venture services include In-line Inspection using MFL, TFI, Caliper or Geometry & UT technologies. LIN SCAN also provides Integrity Management Support Services to Oil & Gas Industry. Other main activities include: supply of cleaning pigs, supply of traps (launchers & receivers), pipeline coating services etc.


Joint Venture with Catering International & Services, France

Zamil O&M has established a Joint Venture with Catering International & Services to extend its services in the catering arena. This partnership has opened up prospects of very large scale developments in the oil, mining and infrastructure industries.


Joint Venture with Séché Environment, France

Zamil O&M has established a Joint Venture with Séché Environment to provide customized hazardous waste treatment solutions including Sludge dewatering, Clinical waste handling, Solvent recovery, Hydrometallurgy, Multidisciplinary platform and Landfill (waste treatment center) to chemical and petrochemical industries, hospitals and others. Also, to provide other general waste management services to broader market segments in Saudi Arabia.


Partnership with Oxifree Metal Protection, USA

Zamil O&M is the sole agent of Oxifree Metal Protection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our solution is the Oxifree's polymeric resin encapsulation, offering a shield to the elements as well as inhibiting corrosion on the metal surface while having no impact on the environment.